Latest Works

CFS-Michigan Projects

Troy Project

Our latest project was recently completed in Troy, Michigan. Each office unit was designed for efficiency - no matter the type of work. Our office furniture units are dependable and are engineered with high-quality materials and backed by a lifetime warranty and are produced in the United States. Additionally, they provide functionality that is excellent for any business team. 


Amulet Bank Project

As you are aware the market has changed from a violence perspective. It is everywhere now, we see it in our schools, churches, hallways, any place you visit. Violence is on the rise.

We have addressed a new product to help ease your worries to deal with these situations. We have been commissioned to fortify offices of a local bank due to these situations that had occurred. By placing ballistic sheets of protection in drywalls to prevent bullet travel. This protection is perfect for construction products such as offices and schools throughout the midwest. We are confident this product will grow due to its flexibility and affordability during a crisis.


Emagispace Privacy Pod Project

Here is our latest project for Rightsize Facility completed in Detroit, Michigan. The Rightsize Facility services interior office expansions, relocations or transitioning corporate clients. Their scope is to define the client's goals and keep efficiency in the work. And with the installment of these Emagispace privacy pods. It now meets satisfaction and functionality in their office.

Each pod is designed with high-quality environmental material. With a fraction of the cost of other methods. This also has the capability to be quickly installed or reconfigured for transportation. Meet all of your office solutions with these Emagispace pods to help increase your privacy and production of everyday work. We are confident with our skills you will see what makes us so different.