Life Barrier

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While safety should always be on everyone's mind, you don't want to think about it every minute of the day.  Our goal is to provide you with products that are an equal mix of design and functionality.

Life Shield, offers the ease of installing it by simply placing it over the chair for ballistic protection.  Whether you are behind the chair or use it as a portable ballistic shield protection it provides you with options for safety.

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Cost-effectiveness is also one of our goals for our clients.  Life Shield is easy to install on your existing office furniture, therefore replacing the need to buy new furniture.  Life Shield also comes in three levels of ballistic protection to meet your needs.

Life Barrier™, utilizes award-winning Amulet® Ballistic Barrier technology, to provide state-of-the-art ballistic protection to the office environment - in a chair, or if you are mobile and trying to get to safety. It is also one of many new life-safety products to come from the Life Barrier™ family - all designed to protect life 'invisibly'​ should an emergency arise.


CFS Michigan was recently granted our patent for Life Barrier™.