Rethinking Your Office Location

Are you getting ready to move offices or looking into a better office location for your business? Here’s a guide on rethinking your office location.

Black and white modern office with desk and bookcase – 3D Rendering

The landscape of work has shifted. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are working from home. What happens when things open back up?

An office location says a lot about a company. Finding the right office space will bode well for you and your staff.

How can you be sure you are making quality decisions in the process? In the guide below, we have compiled what you need to consider to make your relocation a success!

Human Connection

When it comes down to it, the office is a place where people can come together to connect. Aside from daily social interactions, an office space allows for ideas to develop and flourish among the staff.

Meeting virtually greatly reduces the amount of idea sharing between colleagues. Water cooler conversations are not an option. A certain energy is noticeable when a group of people gets together in a physical office location.

Things like brand and culture play a crucial role as well when considering the right office space ideas. A sense of purpose and belonging will see an uptick with space and commercial interior design that is right for your company’s culture

Office Footprint

When thinking about an office footprint, be sure to consider your employees’ needs and wants. You’ll want to accommodate a variety of needs—no two employees are alike. Avoid honing in on an individual. If you find the right commercial furniture, for example, both comfort and performance will improve.

By offering group spaces, as well as hyper-focused workstations, the proper office construction will adhere to these new norms. If relocation is in the works, you’ll want to have flexibility, adaptability, and modularity at the forefront.

A new office location allows some businesses to reduce their footprint and others a way to redefine themselves. Many companies are offering a remote work hybrid approach which may require more shared office space.

Things to Consider

What are the factors that play a part in deciding on an office location? A company’s office space says a lot about the company itself. 


The surroundings play an important role. Find a quiet spot sans noise, heavy traffic, weird smells, or eyesores. Have your employees in mind and think of their needs and how they can perform to the best of their abilities.

You’ll also want to consider whether you want to move to a location in a more suburban area or to an urban setting such as Metro Detroit.

Related Business

You may want to be around other offices and similar businesses to facilitate collaboration and idea generation. Keeping in touch with those in the same line of work is another way to spark creativity for your team.

Business Units

What other business units are around your space? If you are in a manufacturing business, for example, the facility may be located on the outskirts of a city or town. In this case, selecting an office space near the factory may lead to smoother business operations.

Service Units

What is the proximity of your business to service units? This includes things like banks, stock exchanges, the post office, market, and courier services. By being close to these service units, you will cut down on wasted time and increase the efficiency of operations.


How about getting to and from the new office location? Employees and customers will appreciate being close to public transportation. Especially in an urban setting such as Detroit, being close to transportations pays off in more ways than one. Is there adequate parking available?

How important is proximity to an airport or train station?  


How about time? When is the right time to move the company? What would cause the least amount of disruption to your staff, clients, or customers?

These are all important decisions to consider. 

Office Location Is the Name of the Game

Finding a new office location is an important decision for your team. We hope that our guide leaves you feeling more prepared for the task ahead.

Whether you are relocating or want to improve your office space, CFS has office solutions to meet your needs. From office furniture and furniture installation to space planning, and ballistic protection our knowledgeable and experienced team is here to help. Learn more and contact us!