Sanitation Services

Having a clean and sanitized work environment is crucial for not only your staff but your clients, also.  Sanitation comes on many levels, therefore, it is imperative that you consult with a professional company to determine the best fit for your needs.

Our team provides complimentary visits to evaluate your needs and provide you with a comprehensive plan of action to handle the situation at hand -- whether it is immediate or an ongoing service situation.

Contact us today at (734) 941-2750 to learn more about the services we provide.

Currently, the COVID-19 has created a tremendous need by businesses, open and closed, to ensure their spaces are following the CDC guidelines for optimum safety and health. Our trained, tested, and experienced team will utilize protective equipment and follow industry protocols to sanitize and clean your workspace, so you can be confident that your due diligence has helped stop the spread of this silent enemy.

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Project Management (local & long distance)

Have an important project that you need to be done as soon as possible? At CFS, we understand the importance of completing projects with deadlines. Our project management consultants provide experience, leadership, and discipline to dissect every project and ensure its success.

We will handle your project from start to finish and make sure that the project is successful while staying within the allotted budget and time. We understand how critical project management is and we guarantee that we will exceed your expectations.

Your time is valuable, therefore our job is to handle all the little details so you can continue to concentrate on your business, while we create your vision that you have tasked us with.

Contact us today at (734) 941-2750 to learn more about our project management consultants.


Move/Inventory Management, Relocation, Reconfiguration, & Warehousing

Moving an office can be a difficult, time consuming and tedious process. This is why at CFS, we have a perfect system built to help you manage your move. We will do a complete inventory of your products and furniture, find out what needs to be moved, what needs to be discarded, and provide storage for what needs to be stored. Then based on that information, we will redesign your new facility to have the space needed for everything that we will be moving.

Moving isn't always a straightforward process, this is why hiring a professional help! To learn more about our moving and move management services, contact us today at (734) 941-2750.


Furniture Installation

Need systems furniture installation? CFS can help! Contact us at (734) 941-2750 and our team will schedule your project, work with you to get the required products delivered to your location and stay with the project until all the items on the project checklist are marked as done.

We will ensure that everything is properly installed and ready to go before your project is marked as complete. No job is too big or too small, we will ensure every job is completed within the requested time frame. We install the following:

-Systems Furniture
-Training Room & Educational Furniture
-Demountable (LEGO) Walls, Privacy Pods
-Third Space & Reception Solutions
-Seating Systems
-Panel Systems
-Ballistic Furniture
-Tile Systems
-Case Goods 


Interior Construction & Building Renovations

Need some work inside or outside your building? Our team of experts at CFS is specialized in building construction and renovation services including but not limited to:

-Drywall Repair

Let your mind be at ease with a professional handling your building project. We provide expert interior construction services, contact us today at (734) 941-2750 to learn more.

Interiro_DesignM copy

Interior Design & Space Planning

Looking to improve the interior environment for a specific project? No matter how serious the project may seem, at CFS we will handle completing your project in a timely manner. Our skills and experience have prepared us to handle from the very beginning to the end. 

Our team believes everyone should be satisfied with their design. And that is why we at CFS also keep it affordable for everyone.

Bring your dreams alive today with our services. To learn more about our interior design services, contact us today at (734) 941-2750.